Thursday, June 18, 2015


It's not often in Second Life that you run into truly greedy people, but every once in a while you do. It's been over five years since my last run in with someone who truly puts me off. Over the years, I have changed my Second Life and now I'm a full-time creator of content for pocket, tiny, and small avatars. I sell my creations on the SLX. 

The behind the scene rules for a creator is that one they may not list or create keywords that advertise the items that are restricted permissions as a full permissions item. However, some creator's sell restricted items but advertise them as full permissions. This is problematic because as a creator I'm looking for well-made mesh items to use in my creations as I cannot create much via Maya although I constantly try.

What started the headache with my completely miserable experience with PixelLab is I searched for "full perm statues" three times here is the proof: 

second search

third search

The first search is where I was tricked into purchasing a statue pictured above, using as full perms search. According to Linden Labs, only full perm items should come up when one filters a search. When I opened the item I was stunned to see that it was a restricted permission. I contacted the creator explaining that the item was listed under a full perm statue search, but there were restrictions on the search. The creator also claimed that s/he has a full perms statue that I could have purchased if so, why didn't that come up on the search rather than the restricted one.

I reported by flagging the item in the search, but he was allowed to keep it in the search. Furthermore, I have accidentally listed an item incorrectly with my keywords and Linden Labs discontinues my products and doesn't even notify me as a creator that they took my stuff down due to my accident. For example, I made a winter home. I listed it under home and garden. I figured it's a home ergo list it as   under home and garden, but I had to list it under building. No problem I fixed it. 

Yet, I search for full permission items and I get a statue that is restricted, I buy it believing that it is full perms, but it's not. The creator insults me calls me slow and special inferring that I am stupid and retarded. Well, PixelLabs you should have fixed the error. Now all my blog readers know your name. I give this creator a "F" on customer service.

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